With our strong expertise and experience on interactive maps and indoor / oudoor geolocation, we have developed Mobigeo®, which gathers an interactive map with POI location, way finding, user's indoor/outdoor geolocation and advanced location based services such as finding the closest free meeting room, sharing position with others, or publishing real time information from IOT sensors onto the map through a REST API.

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  • Partner Level: Solution Vendor Qualified
  • Partner Solution: LBS (Location based Services)
  • Region: EMEA
  • Industry: Retail, Other, Entertainment & Multimedia, Healthcare, Government

We believe that indoor or campus location based services provide added value in a variety of situations such as

- making visitors and occupants of a complex venue or event save their time when they navigate inside the campus / building

- improving processes and operations inside the premises such as facility management, management of fleets of mobile objects, security and safety, etc..


Mobile-Spot proposes MobiGeo®, an indoor map and wayfinding SDK that includes geolocation, location based services, and a REST API that allows real time information publishing onto the map.

Also Mobile-Spot develops mobile applications built around Mobigep® that improve the experience and save the time of the visitors and occupants of a venue or event.

Mobigeo ® is ergonomic, fuild, accurate, works offline, integrates indoor geolocation systems such as PoleStar or Planet Intus. We believe the 'offline' feature is a must have as users expect to get a map, directions and a location even if they are in deep indoor, underground levels and parkings, or if they do not have cellular internet access such as foreigners on travel.

First made for visitors or users of complex venues and events, Mobigeo ® can be also integrated into external business applications to improve the productivity of Facility Management and venue operation process, e.g geolocated tickets in a IWMS/CAFM application.

Mobigeo® integrates both in web (desktop and mobile) and in mobile apps.

We also develop for our customers turnkey mobile and web apps that use Mobigeo® and integrate with our customers' IS. We then provide additional features developed along our customers ' specifications.

We sell B2B to event organisers and venue owners. We also sell through partners that integrate our solutions in their applications.



Mobigeo® is sold under licence plus a setup fee. Prices depend on different factors such as surface, number of building and floors, number of points of interest, features activated.

Apps are sold with a development + maintenance fee including Mobigeo licence.

Current markets are :

- Corporate premises/smart buildings

- Retail

- Trade show & congresses, private events


Customers are:

- Crédit Agricole : 4 corporate campus, 17 buildings, 120 floors, 400 000 m2 offices and car parks,

- Printemps (retail) : 1400 brands, 3 buildings 50 000 m2, 26 floors,

- Salon international du Bourget / Paris Ari Show tradeshow: one of the greatest shows in the world, 52000 m2 indoor, 2500 POI, 150 000 visitors, 3,3 Millions viewed pages, 230 000 usages of Mobigeo in 8 days.


Main address: 28 rue Lacretelle 75015 PARIS

Other locations: 8 rue de Moscou 75008 PARIS

Phone: 01 84 16 47 74