Serinus has its roots in the Ruhr area and was founded with the aim of providing an alert, information and collaboration platform that is simple, fast and reliable at the same time.

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  • Partner Level: Solution Vendor Qualified
  • Partner Solution: Alarm system and Notification
  • Region: EMEA
  • Industry: Education, Government, Healthcare, Healthcare, Transportation, Finance & Insurance

A lightning strike in the data center, flooding in your region, an emergency case in the production line – whenever the worst case scenario occurs, it is important to be prepared. Serinus has been specifically developed for this purpose. According to a predefined set of rules, Serinus provides information and sends alarms using all available communication channels, notifies users about specific events and informs about any required responses.

Shortly after its foundation, Serinus became one of the world's leading providers in the field of Smart Event Communication.

The Smart Event Communication platform from Serinus can be connected to the on-premises alarm media gateway.
This combination offers customers a unique added value. Serinus Hybrid combines the advantages of cloud based and server based solutions and allows a deep integration into the communication infrastructure,
Further Serinus Alarm-Mediagateway is designed for easy-to-use in installation and maintain. Aim is a basic-installation of Serinus Alarm-Mediagateway in 30% of time compared to our main competitors.

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With the Serinus Alarm-Mediagateway you get a compact and powerful appliance by which you can easily network production plants, nurse call and disoriented patients’ systems, fire alarm systems, machines, sensors and technical components with the staff in charge.

Serinus / ALE global architecture

In the event of emergency calls, critical events, malfunctions and damages, the field staff in charge is automatically alerted. This can be done by means of your local communications infrastructure or using our cloud-based alarm platform. For this purpose, Serinus contacts the relevant employees based on their duty rosters and stand-by schedules, as well as the respective communication paths.
The Alarm-Mediagateway offers serial and IP-based interfaces to connect all common subsystems. The platform can be easily connected to machines and devices through potential-free contacts, while temperatures or filling levels can be measured using analog sensors. Thanks to LoRa integration, you can directly detect and monitor all IoT devices.


  • Ease of operation: process-oriented configuration and operation of alarms and conference
  • Everything under the same roof: multi-tenant alert and crisis management platform
  • Synchronization capability: integration of parent directory services to transfer objects and structures
  • Stability: optional virtualization and geo-redundant cluster operation
  • Safety: modern TLS and SSL encryptions are supported
  • Interfaces versatility: logging of digital inputs and outputs, analogue signals and serial interfaces
  • Flexible and fast integration / development of new market- / customer- specific requests


  • Unidirectional & bidirectional notification: Parallel, Serial, Conference
  • Devices per person
  • PC clients
  • Receipt confirmation: Positive acknowledgment, Negative acknowledgment, PIN entry confirmation, Input of response time
  • Escalations to further groups or alternative alarm
  • Annual and shift plans
  • Connection to mail server (to send e-mails)
  • Sending text messages
  • Importing people from several sources
  • Local alarm reports
  • Stand-alone operating system with centralized monitoring
  • Hybrid operating system with connection to the Cloud by means of REST APIs
  • Deep integration in Alcatel-Lucent communication platforms (OXO Connect, OmniPCX Enterprise)

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