Publisher and software integrator for Civil Defense customers (Fire & Rescue Services and Emergency Medical Services), SIS has diversified its range of solutions to meet the growing need for alert management for High Risk Areas (airports, nuclear plants, public transportation, etc.) and local authorities (to manage the Establishments Servicing the Public).

  • Partner Level: Solution Vendor Qualified
  • Partner Solution: E112 and 911 Dispatch
  • Region: EMEA
  • Industry: Government

By following an appropriate methodology, the SIS team will carry out major projects.
From the upstream reflection project to its implementation and operational monitoring, SIS is actively involved and adapts to complex hardware and software environments.

SIS also performs audit services, from needs analysis, training, project control, change management and configuration.
With a continuous innovation policy and relying on advanced technology, SIS has become a reference in the European market for CAD solution and Mobile Emergency Solutions integrated with CAD (smart application for smartphones, tablets).

Our dual expertise (publisher and integrator) gives us a competitive advantage for the solutions’ deployment and a close proximity to our customers. Our specialty is our strength and ensures a control of your project from A to Z.

Software Company dedicated to the alert management, SIS publishes operational solutions that meet your specific needs. Integrator recognized in the market, SIS offers comprehensive solutions, including both hardware and software materials.

Close to its customers, SIS relies on the availability of its teams and offers maintenance and daily assistance with a 24/7/365 support.
In a complex economic environment where financial constraints are significant, optimizing resources, minimizing delays, gaining productivity and managing regulatory issues are all major levers to increase your organization’s activity.

Based on a powerful and efficient algorithm, our global solutions allow you to activate these levers and quickly get the optimization you are looking for.

SIS solutions are designed, developed and integrated by our teams of specialists who have a recognized expertise and know-how on the market



Modern, stable and fast, ARTEMIS® is a reference solution for Fire & Rescue Services.

From the emergency call handling to the detailed reporting of the intervention, ARTEMIS® is a global solution allowing managing the chain of alert from end to end.

A forest fire, a natural disaster, a traffic accident, a factory explosion … The emergency services must act quickly and engage the suitable resources for the operation.

With SIS solution ARTEMIS®, the interventions will be prepared in order to optimize every second. This modular solution for emergency management provides a complete software functional range.


  • Emergency Call Handling (18/112/911)
  • Call Taking and Call Dispatching
  • Fully Integrated CTI (Computer Telephony Interface)
  • Real-Time resource monitoring
  • Computer Aided Dispatch
  • Operations and risk management
  • Alert Processing
  • Crisis Management


  • Modern, stable and sustainable solution
  • Powerful solution based on our unparalleled algorithm
  • Major operational efficiency improvement
  • Ease of use and user-friendly interfaces
  • Fully Integrated System including Telephony
  • Solution that buys you time
  • Automatically locate the origin of the call
  • Transfer the call and/or appropriate information to dispatching agencies

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SIS InterWorking Reports (credentials is required)


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