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VCC (VJ Communication Center) is a 10-digit call control system. It is the intelligent answer to solve the problems caused by the new Mexican modality for dialing national numbers.
The VCC system allows your switch to maintain the call restriction level as always, even when there are no prefixes 044, 045, and 01.

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  • It does not require a permanent Internet connection to function.
  • Does not require additional licenses for the OmniPCX Enterprise.
  • Compatible with virtualization.
  • Compatible with OmniPCX Enterprise from release 11.x.
  • Continuous updating with the IFT database to ensure that it is always correctly numbered.
  • It has an integrated call rate system with a large number of predefined reports and the possibility of generating personalized reports.


  • Compatible with new 10-digit dialing and traditional dialing.
  • Compatible with use of ARS.
  • Compatible with use of PIN.
  • Compatible with use of Business Code.
  • Compatible with new 10-digit dialing and traditional dialing.
  • Distinguish and can block calls to:
  • Fixed numbers, new and traditional dialing.
  • Cellular Numbers, new dialing and traditional.
  • Long international distance by region.


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