Turn a Smart DeskPhone into a communications hub for your hotel guests, with apps for weather, room service, hotel tours and more - in 29 languages.

Build a package of apps tailored to your hotel’s visitors and run them on Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise Smart DeskPhones. With Smart Guest Applications, guests can access convenient features on their room phone, for example, lights and temperature controls, Do Not Disturb and more. Hoteliers can customize on-screen presentations to display a welcome message, a hotel tour or promote nearby services, leisure or business activities.

These smart applications make it easier than ever for guests to order room service or make an appointment to enjoy hotel amenities, so they get the most out of their stay.

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  • Give guests access to hotel services, direct from their room phone
  • Enable guests to control their in-room environment
  • Promote hotel services, activities or nearby shops


  • Basic application pack includes Hotel Tour, Weather Forecast, Interactive Screen Saver and Languages
  • Guests can choose preferred language from up to 29 supported languages
  • Customizable home page: background image and guest services
  • In-room environment control (lights, blinds, air conditioning, privacy)
  • 'Room ready' code indicates room availability for cleaning
  • Centralized web management interface

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