List of Keyboard Shortcuts for Rainbow Office Softphone

March 15, 2021
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This article contains steps for viewing and customizing the keyboard shortcuts or hotkeys used by the Rainbow Office softphone.


Keyboard Shortcuts (Hotkeys) allows you to perform actions with just a touch of a key on your Windows PC or Mac. These shortcuts or global hotkeys are always available as long as the app is running.

The table below shows the Default Keyboard Shortcuts (Hotkeys). 

Go to How to view and customize the keyboard shortcuts (hotkeys) below section to learn more.


Windows Mac
Pick up the call (can be customized) None None
End call Ctrl + E ⌘ + E
Mute/unmute Ctrl + Shift + M ⌘ + Shift + M
Hold/unhold Ctrl + Shift + H ⌘ + Shift + H
Transfer Ctrl + T ⌘ + T
Park Ctrl + Shift + P ⌘ + Shift + P
Outgoing call F6 F6
Outgoing fax F8 F8
Send message using Enter Enter
New text Ctrl + N ⌘ + N
New fax Ctrl + J ⌘ + J
Dialpad Ctrl + D ⌘ + D
Start conference Ctrl + Shift + C ⌘ + Shift + C
Start video conference Ctrl + Shift + V ⌘ + Shift + V


How to view and customize the keyboard shortcuts (hotkeys):

  1. Launch the Rainbow Office softphone
  2. Click the gear icon, then click on Hotkeys. The list of commands are displayed on the right.
  3. To change or customize the keyboard shortcut (hotkey), click on the X mark, then press your preferred function key.


NOTE: You may assign any of the function keys from F1 to F12, except for F7. Pressing F7 maximizes the Desktop app window.

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