Set Up Custom Company Greetings in Rainbow Office Account

March 15, 2021
Article : 003381

This article demonstrates how Administrators can set up a custom company greetings in the Rainbow Office online account.

When the main company number is called, the system plays a default greeting which states the company name entered in the Company Info section. You can customize the company greeting to be more dynamic and appealing using various methods.

1. Log in to the Rainbow Office online account

2. Go to Home page > Company > Company Greetings & Call Handling

3. On either Company Hours Greeting or After Hours Greeting, click Edit

4. Select Play company greeting

5. Under Set Greeting, select Custom. Choose your preferred method to customize the greeting:

Phone - Enter or choose a phone number where the system will call you. Follow the prompts to record the greeting

Computer Microphone - Use your connected microphone to record the greeting directly

Importing - Upload an mp3 or wav audio file

6. Click Done

7. Click Save


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