Auto-Receptionist General Settings Overview

March 15, 2021
Article : 003674

This article describes an overview of the Auto-Receptionist General Settings.

Auto-Receptionist is also known as Auto Attendant. This functionality enables calls to be answered automatically with a professional or a custom recording. Only company Administrators can configure the settings for Auto-Receptionist.

The following settings can be configured via Phone System > Auto-Receptionist > General Settings > Main Site.

Company Hours

Does your company operate 24-hours, or only from 9am to 5pm? This section allows you to edit your Company Business Hours. By default, your Company Hours is set to 24 hours. 


IVR Settings

Set up how incoming calls are handled - set Call Handling settings, Company Greetings and Operator Extension.

Set up Company Greeting - What do you want your callers to hear first when they call your main company number? This section will let you configure how to handle incoming calls during business hours.

Set up Custom Answering Rules - Create custom rules for special routing during holidays, specific time of the day (e.g. lunch break) or for special callers.

Set up General IVR - How are incoming calls to your main company number handled? Set up Company Call Handling and Operator Extension. First, specify your Company Hours of Operations. Then, personalize your Company Greetings for Business Hours and After Hours. 

Set up Dial Zero -  This feature directly routes calls to a specified destination when callers dial zero "0". There are three options that will let you designate the call handling when the caller dials zero within your IVR.

Option 1 - Connect the caller back to the Company Greeting

Option 2 - The Caller will continue with the call with no change

Option 3 - The Caller will be connected to the selected Extension

Setting the Operator Extension on your Rainbow Office Account - Who receives all calls and messages by default? When the caller does not dial an extension, they get connected to the Operator Extension.


Types of IVR

Single Level IVR - Calls to your company number can be connected to a built-in Auto-Receptionist Calls to your company number can be connected to a built-in Auto-Receptionist or connected directly to an extension that you've created. You can create either a User Extension, Shared Line, Call Queue, IVR Menu, Message-Only Extension, or Announcement-Only Extension.

Multi-Level - Calls to your company number can be connected to a top-level IVR menu which can be configured to connect to additional IVR menus or other system extensions.


Dial-by-Name Directory

The Dial-by-Name Directory lets your callers find the extension they want by entering a first name or last name using their dial pad keys.


Call Recording 

Do you want all incoming calls to your main number automatically recorded? This section allows you to configure the Automatic Call Recording on your Rainbow Office account. 

NOTE: The Automatic Call Recording Feature is only available for Rainbow Office Premium, and Ultimate Edition accounts only. 

Regional Settings

This section allows you to configure your regional date and time settings. The time format option can be set to 12-hour or 24-hour format. You can also configure the Home Country code in this feature.


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