Add a Message-Only Extension in Rainbow Office

April 23, 2021
Article : 004491

This provides instructions on adding and configuring a Message-Only Extension in the Rainbow Office online account.

A Message-Only Extension is a special extension that routes all calls received to its voicemail box.

IMPORTANT: You need to be an account Administrator to perform the actions indicated in this article. Make sure that you are currently logged in to your Rainbow Office Online account as an Administrator.

Step 1: Add a Message-Only Extension

1. From the Quick Access homepage, go to Groups > Manage Groups > Message-Only Extension.
2. Click the New Message-Only Extension button.
3. Enter the Extension Number, Extension Name, Email address of the Extension user, and then click Save.

Step 2: Activating your Messages-Only extension

You will receive an email confirmation for the user extension. Click the confirmation link provided in the email and follow the on-screen instructions. If you want to skip the activation process, you can always return to it and resend a welcome email where the link can be found to activate it.

1. Under Groups > Message-Only Extension, select your Message-Only Extension.

NOTE: An activated extension will have a green status indicator. A Gray status indicator means that the extension has not yet been activated. Select the extension you want to activate.

2. On the Extension Info tab, click Resend Welcome Email.
3. Check your email and click on the link provided to activate the new extension.

Step 3: Add a Direct Number to your Message-Only Extension

1. Click the Message-Only Extension.
2. Click the Direct Numbers tab. On the Direct Numbers tab, click Add Direct Number.
3. Select either Local (Domestic), Toll-Free, Vanity, or International Number. Follow the on-screen steps to continue.

Step 4: Configuring a Messages-Only Extension

Once the Messages-Only Extension has been activated, you can now configure its settings. The following can be modified at this point:
Extension Info allows you to edit the extension number, name, contact email address, security settings (password, security question, and answer), and regional settings (time zone, time format, home country code, and greetings language) a specific extension. You may also disable and delete your extension in this section.
Direct Numbers lets you create toll-free, local, and vanity numbers where calls will be routed to. 
Messages and Notifications enable you to set up the extension’s voicemail greeting, assign an extension/user as the message recipient, preview messages and voicemail, and modify notification settings.

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