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This article describes the phone setup provisioning process which allows your third-party/BYOD phone to connect and be used with the Rainbow Office service.

Provisioning a device refers to setting up or connecting an IP phone or other appropriate devices to the Rainbow Office cloud platform to be used for secure VoIP calling, audio conferencing, and online meetings.

Phones purchased from Rainbow Office are set up to be plug-and-use; they come preconfigured/pre-provisioned with the necessary settings to connect immediately to the Rainbow Office servers.

For phones not purchased from Rainbow Office, maybe from a previous / different provider or bought directly from the manufacturer / distributor, you may still setup/provision and use them with Rainbow Office as long as the device is either:

● Included in the list of recommended phones (Assisted Provisioning)

● SIP Compatible (Manual Provisioning)

Read on to see the provisioning requirements, as well as to learn the differences between the two methods of provisioning - Assisted, and Manual.


Third-Party/BYOD Phone Provisioning Requirements

● Ensure that the device is unlocked before attempting to provision it as it may result in errors. Contact your previous provider's support to unlock the phone if needed

● Ensure the device is supported by either Assisted or Manual Provisioning

● You need to add a local Phone Number and assign the phone number to your deskphone

● For Manual Provisioning, you will need to get the SIP settings

Depending on your phone's compatibility, you may either configure with Assisted Provisioning or Manual Provisioning.


Assisted Provisioning

Assisted Provisioning is available on some phone models which are sold and or supported by Rainbow Office.

The phone's serial number is entered on your Rainbow Office online account, and Rainbow Office provisioning server address is entered inside the phone's menu. This allows the phone to automatically connect, download, and update the information. Since your system is in the cloud, updates and new features appear automatically.


Manual Provisioning

IMPORTANT: Rainbow Office does not provide additional support for phones purchased from third-party vendors. For product support on devices not purchased from Rainbow Office, please refer to the product's vendor for support.

Manual Provisioning is performed when a device is not on the list of supported devices (phones that are not directly sold by Rainbow Office but can still work) for Assisted Provisioning.

In this method, the Session Initiated Protocol (SIP) settings are entered manually in the phone's menu or web interface.

Limitations of Manual Provisioning:

● Device cannot receive updates from Rainbow Office servers

● Device cannot pull the firmware required for Rainbow Office features

● Users with manually provisioned phones will not be able to use Presence

● Phones manually provisioned will not have softkeys for Paging and Intercom

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