Rainbow Office Paging Feature Overview

March 15, 2021
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This article provides information about the Rainbow Office paging feature.

The Paging feature enables the business’ real-time one-way broadcasting through multiple desk phones and overhead paging devices. Paging is a commonly required function in many industries, such as warehouse, hospital, and retail.
Paging enables real-time announcements to a combination of desk phones and overhead paging devices. It lets you connect to your SIP-based paging devices and start paging, without the need for complicated installation and configuration of analog-to-digital converters. The Paging feature is compatible with Polycom and Yealink phone models.


This feature is available to Rainbow Office customers and can be accessed on the Rainbow Online account.


• Increase communication efficiency. Broadcast announcements, as well as emergency alerts, to the entire organization or selected peers.
• Eliminating the need to call individual employees with the same message.
• Easy creating, adding, and modifying paging group over the cloud, anywhere, anytime.
• 100% SIP digital paging devices compatible. Save cost from installing additional converters for analog devices.
• Flexible options for grouping desk phone and/or paging devices based on your business needs.
• No additional cost by using existing IP desk phones.
• Administrators can enable automatic call recording during the activation process.

Supported Paging Devices

• CyberData V2 Ceiling speakers (for indoor) and V2 Paging amplifiers (for outdoor use)
• Cyberdata V3 Paging Server with Nightringer function
• The following are the desk phones that are supported by Rainbow Office:

  • Polycom:
  • SoundPoint Series: SPIP 321, SPIP 331, SPIP 335, SPIP 450, SPIP 550, SPIP 560, SPIP 650, SPIP 670
  • VVX Series: VVX101, VVX150, VVX201, VVX250, VVX300, VVX301, VVX310, VVX311, VVX350, VVX400, VVX410, VVX411, VVX450, VVX500, VVX501, VVX600, VVX601


  • Yealink: T42S, T46S, T48S

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