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This article provides information that will guide Users and Administrators on how to setup Rainbow Office’s softphone Outbound calling feature.

The Rainbow Office softphone is a free downloadable application that turns your PC or Mac computer into an all-in-one communications hub. The Rainbow Office softphone enables high-quality VoIP calling and transforms your computer into a sophisticated call controller with an array of features and options.

User Extensions with an assigned DigitalLine (Desk phone)

1st time installation: For users with an assigned DigitalLine or desk phone, a purchased line is not required for placing outgoing calls. Rainbow Office will automatically authorize the User's computer for placing direct outgoing calls on the Rainbow Office softphone.

Installing the Rainbow Office app on 2 or more computers: Rainbow Office can only authorize 1 computer per User to place direct outgoing calls from the softphone. If you install the Rainbow Office softphone on another computer and log in using the same User Extension, you will get a message saying Limit Reached.

Limit Reached means that another computer is already authorized to place a direct outgoing call from the softphone and as a result, outbound calling from the app is not available on your 2nd computer until the 1st computer is deauthorized.

User Extensions without an assigned DigitalLine (Desk phone) and Rainbow Office Professional plan subscribers

If you are a Rainbow Office 1.0 plan subscriber or a User Extension without an assigned DigitalLine (Desk phone), you can use the RingOut feature to place outgoing calls.

RingOut enables Users to make a call from any other outside number (not Rainbow Office number) by means of the Rainbow Office account. The user specifies a certain number, starts RingOut and enters the required called number. Rainbow Office makes a call to the specified number and connects the user with the called number.

If you want to place an outgoing call using the softphone, you can purchase a DigitalLine for the Rainbow Office softphone and assign it to your User Extension.

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