Block Numbers on Rainbow Office Softphone

March 15, 2021
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This article provides instructions on how you can block numbers on the Rainbow Office softphone.

Blocking Numbers allows you to prevent unwanted callers from calling your number. It is a good way to prevent unwanted calls and spam messages. When a number is added to the blocked numbers list, it blocks all incoming calls and faxes from that number.


• When a number is added to the blocked numbers list, it blocks all incoming calls and faxes from that number.

• When Users block a number, it is only applied to the extension where they are logged in.

• If the Super Admin blocks a number while logged in to the System Extension (the main extension of the account), it is applied to all extensions in the account.

• It means that the number is blocked from calling any number associated with the account.

The following behavior are observed when a number is added to a User's blocked list: 

• The User/ Extension who added a number to its blocked list can still call and send faxes to a blocked number.


You can immediately block a User or a number in the Details section of your call log.

1. Click the Call Log button.

2. Click the Details   icon beside the number you wish to block.

3. Click the Block Number button.

4. Click Block to confirm.


Block a User or number in Settings 

 You can also block multiple Users and numbers from the Settings section.

1. Click the Gear or Settings button.

2. Click Calls.

3. Under the General tab, click the add   button beside Blocked numbers and then enter the number that you want to block in the field provided. Press [Enter] or click on any white space to save.

You will then see the blocked User or number under Blocked numbers.

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