Monitor a Call on Desk Phone

April 23, 2021
Article : 008086

This article discusses the different kinds of Call Monitoring on Desk Phone.

The Call Monitoring feature allows authorised Users to access another extension's call in real time. It works well with Rainbow Office desk phones that support presence. Monitoring and Presence features are available to all Rainbow Office Premium and Ultimate Customers.

(Silent) Monitoring

On the phone that was setup for Presence, press the soft key for the extension that needs to be monitored.
If your phone does not support Presence: dial *80 to monitor a call. When prompted, enter the extension you need to monitor and press pound (#).
Call monitoring allows you to listen to all parties in an active call without transmitting any audio yourself.


To coach the user being monitored, press *81 and then the extension number. To go back to Monitoring, press *80.
Call coaching allows you to speak directly to the extension you are coaching while they are in a call, without transmitting audio to the other party.


To join (barge) the call, press *82 and then the extension to be joined. To go back to Monitoring, press *80.
Call barging allows you to join another extension's in-progress call and communicate with all parties as if you were added via intercom.

Take Over

To take over the call, press *83 and then the extension number of the call that needs to be taken over. 
Call take over allows you to disconnect an extension while they are in a call and take their place as an active call party member.

NOTE: These can be done on Rainbow Office Phone for Desktop and Mobile, with limitations. The apps do not currently support the Take Over feature.

IMPORTANT: On-demand call recording will not work from the Rainbow Officel for Desktop app when monitoring another call. If you need to record calls that are regularly monitored, consider automatic call recording. It is your responsibility to consider local legal responsibilities when recording phone calls.

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