Rainbow Office Softphone Head-Up Display (HUD) Overview

March 15, 2021
Article : 008212

This article provides information on the Head-Up Display (HUD) feature in Rainbow Office softphone.

The Rainbow Office softphone Head-Up Display (HUD) is a call management feature which allows you to improve your business' call management by providing a more convenient interface for receiving incoming calls and managing your extensions' presence from the Rainbow Office softphone.

This feature is ideal for receptionists and executive assistants to view colleagues' real-time availability and manage multiple incoming calls with the capability to answer and transfer an incoming call, add users to a current call, chat with a colleague directly, or pick up a call on behalf of colleagues with permission.

Key Features & Benefits

Single interface to manage incoming calls and presence from Rainbow Office softphone.

View up to 100 user extensions' real-time presence status.

Visibility of the currently active calls

Ability to pick up incoming calls on behalf of other extensions.

Quick transfer and conferencing.

Easy list management: add, delete and rearrange extensions (drag and drop) in the HUD list.

Automatically synced across Rainbow Office softphone and desk phones.

Search contacts within HUD.

Search for a Contact on HUD

Type the name of the contact or Extension (i.e., park location name) in the Search field. Typing characters in the search field will narrow down the results.

Call Monitoring for the Rainbow Office softphone HUD

With the Rainbow Office softphone HUD, you can monitor your colleague's call with additional functionalities such as whisper, barge, takeover. Set up your account's presence, and call monitor permissions to utilize Call Monitoring for the Rainbow Office softphone HUD.

Park Locations for the Rainbow Office softphone HUD

Park Locations is a feature on the Rainbow Office softphone HUD that allows you to park a call privately that can only be answered by users within the group. 


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