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This article discusses information about Rainbow Office Global Office for the different supported countries and their associated Regional Calling Zones.

Rainbow Office Global Office provides a single phone system to companies that have offices around the world. This phone system is cloud-based and can be used on desk phones, desktop apps as well as mobile apps, streamlining the management of the phone system across your international branch offices.

Our global solutions network is divided into four calling regions: 

• North America (NA)

• Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA)

• Asia Pacific (APAC)

• Latin America (LATAM)

Global Office licenses come with 1,000 outbound minutes per user (exclusions apply). These minutes are pooled across the account and can be used for calls placed in the same regional zone as the Global Office country. This means that Global Office license minutes are combined into a large pool of minutes which may be used by anyone on the account to make outbound calls within the Global Office regional calling zone, at no additional cost. Once minutes run out, calls are billed at standard international rates.


United States  Austria Luxembourg Australia Argentina
Canada Belgium Netherlands China Brazil
 Puerto Rico Croatia Norway  Hong Kong Chile
  Czech Republic  Portugal Japan Columbia 
  Denmark Poland Malaysia Costa Rica
  Finland Romania New Zealand Mexico
  France Slovakia Singapore Peru
  Germany South Africa South Korea  
  Hungary Spain Taiwan  
  Ireland Sweden    
  Israel Switzerland    
  Italy United Kingdom    

Below are general information and limitations specific to each calling zone:

• Shared minutes coming with a Global Office number for a specific country only cover those outbound calls to the destination countries within the same Calling Region

• All outbound calls to non-supported countries included in Global Office Calling Region are paid calls with international rates

• Desk phones with an assigned Global Office DigitalLine allows the user to place direct outbound calls with the Rainbow Office Phone application

• Shared minutes do not cover any premium calls. International Virtual Numbers (IVNs) do not come with any shared minutes. All outbound calls will be charged with international rates. Inbound calls may be charged in some countries

• 6-digit extension support for Rainbow Office accounts with 1000+ users (e.g. countries with overlapping dial plans like Australia & Luxembourg)

○ Incoming calls from 6-digit number will be seen correctly

○ Call back will route to on-net extensions

• Customers of Global Office for Argentina, Brazil, and Peru will receive an additional end of month bill for usage (does not include the minutes)

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