Set Up Call Handling and Forwarding for Business hours

March 15, 2021
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This article aims to guide Users in setting up their extension's Call Forwarding settings for Business hours in the Rainbow Office online account.

Users and Administrators can configure where to receive incoming calls on the Rainbow Office online account. Calls can be forwarded to multiple endpoints where you want to answer them. Extensions can forward incoming calls to their Desktop & Mobile App, Deskphone, or a third party phone number.

How to setup call handling and forwarding for business hours

1. Log in to the Rainbow Office online account

2. Go to the user extension settings. Follow the steps below depending on your access profile

Admin - Go to the Admin Profile > User > User List > Users with Extensions, then select the user extension to modify

User - Go to Settings

3. Click Call Handling & Forwarding

4. Choose where you want calls to be forwarded to. Enter forwarding numbers on appropriate fields:

Desktop & Mobile App


Third-party number

Another user's phone

5. Set the number of rings for each phone and forwarding number on the list. 1 Ring is equal to 5 seconds


6. Select the order or sequence of your call forwarding numbers

Select Simultaneously if you prefer the call to ring on all forwarded phones at the same time. Because of different networks, ringing to some devices, such as mobile devices may be delayed

Select Sequentially if you prefer the call to ring on forwarded phones in sequential order. Arrange the forwarding order by dragging up or down


Note: By default, the Desktop & Mobile app option is enabled and is set to ring first before your other forwarding numbers. To prevent this, toggle the slider to disable it


7. Click Save


Receive forwarded calls on your desktop & mobile app

You can answer forwarded calls using the Rainbow Office Softphone or mobile app if you have them installed and if you are logged in.

1. Enable My Desktop & Mobile Apps


 2. Set the number of rings: 1 Ring is equal to 5 seconds

3. Click Save


Receive forwarded calls on your desk phone

If your Phone System administrator ordered a desk phone for you, you can have the option to receive incoming calls to your desk phone.

1. Enable your Deskphone

2. Click Save


Receive forwarded calls on your home, mobile, and work phone number

As a user, you can add up to 10 forwarding numbers for each extension assigned to you and set calls to ring sequentially or simultaneously.

1. Select additional devices (if any) you would like to ring when you receive an incoming call to your business number. Enter your Phone number on the provided field


2. If you need to add more numbers, click Add Call Forwarding Phone


3. Enter the Phone Name and Phone Number of the additional Forwarding Phone


4. Click Save


Forward calls to another extension within your company

If needed, you have the option of forwarding calls to the desk phone or softphone of another user.

1. Click More (three vertical dots icon) > Forward to Other's Phones


2. Select a phone from other users then click Done

3. Click Save

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