How to Set up an extension's Audio While Connecting

May 17, 2021
Article : 009768

This article gives instructions on how do Administrators set up an extension's Audio While Connecting. The Audio While Connecting is what callers hear while they wait for you or a User to answer a call.

Set up a User's Audio While Connecting

1. Log in to your Rainbow Office Online account
2. Go to Users > Users list > Users with Extension
3. Click on the User that you wish to configure.
4. Click Screening, Greeting & Hold Music.
5. On User Hours, make sure Audio While Connecting is enabled. Click Edit to configure.
6. Click drop-down list under Set Audio to select from Ringtones, Music, or Custom.

Ringtones - When you select Ringtones, callers will hear a regular ringing sound while their call is connected.
Music - When you select Music, you can select from the pre-set music on the drop-down list. You can click the Play button to hear a sample.
Custom - When you select Custom, you can upload your preferred .wav or .mp3 file. 

7. Click Done.
8. Click Save to confirm.

NOTE: If you have customized your business or company hours, you may also follow the same steps for After Hours

Set up your own Audio While Connecting via your own Extension Settings

1. Log in to your Rainbow Office Online account
2. On the Admin Portal page, click Admin Portal > My Extension.
3. See Set up Audio while Connecting for the specific steps.


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