Change the PIN in the Rainbow Office Online Account

March 15, 2021
Article : 010081

The article provides instructions for administrators and users on how to change the PIN which is used to access voicemail messages from the physical phones.

The PIN is used to access voicemail messages through a phone. If you forgot your PIN or simply want to change it, follow the steps below to update it in the online account.

1. Log in to the Rainbow Office online account

2. Navigate to the user extension settings following the steps below depending on your access profile:

Admin: Go to the Admin Portal > Users > User List > Users with Extensions, then select the extension to configure

User: Go to Settings

3. Go to User Details > General, then click Change Password

4. Enter your current password, then click Next

5. Click the Change PIN tab

6. Enter the new PIN, then re-enter it on the space provided to confirm. Ensure that you meet the given criteria:

Only digits

No sequential (ex. 1234, 7890)

No repeating (ex. 222, 050505)

No account Information (ex. extension number, phone number)

Length should be 6-10 digits

7. Click Save

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