Error Message Limit Reached on Rainbow Office Phone Desktop

March 15, 2021
Article : 010365

This article provides instructions on how to resolve the error "Limit Reached" which prevents users from making direct outbound calls when using the Rainbow Office softphone.


Unable to place outbound calls using the Rainbow Office softphone. The error message "Limit Reached" is displayed

Affected Environment

Rainbow Office softphone


Rainbow Office can only authorize one computer per user for placing outbound calls directly from the Rainbow Office softphone.

If you install the Rainbow Office softphone on another computer and log in using the same user extension credentials, you will get a message saying Limit Reached. It means that another computer is already authorized for placing a direct outgoing call from the softphone and as a result, outbound calling from the app is not available on your second computer until the first computer is deauthorized.


To remove this error message, an existing login of the Rainbow Office softphone on another computer needs to be removed.

1. Log in to your Rainbow Office online account

2. Go Settings > Phones and Numbers > Phones. If you are logged in as an administrator, click Admin Portal on the upper-right corner and select My Extension to access your extension settings

3. Select the instance of the softphone you want to remove, and then click Edit

4. Click Deauthorize this Computer

If direct outbound dialing on the Rainbow Office softphone is still not available, log out and log back in after performing the above steps.


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