Create a Custom Fax Cover Page

March 15, 2021
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This article contains steps for creating a custom fax cover page using the Rainbow Office softphone. This step allows you to personalize the appearance and add your company logo to the cover page template.

1. Log in to the Rainbow Office softphone

2. Click the Compose fax button at the bottom 

3. Click on the arrow next to the Cover Page link. 

4. Scroll to the bottom of the list, then click the Plus sign to add a custom cover page.  

5. Enter the name for the custom cover page. 

6. Click on the sample.docx link to download the fax cover page template and see the full list of available fields. 

7. Open the sample doc using MS Word or other doc editor software. Use the sample doc as a template for creating a custom fax cover page, then save it in .docx format. 



• The fields that can be automatically populated are enclosed in curly brackets. 

• The custom cover page must be created with fields that will be automatically populated by the application. You must format these fields with their respective variables. 

• The recipient fields (Recipient Address, City, State/Country and Zip Code) can be auto-populated if you have added the Recipient's information to your Rainbow Office Contacts list. • The sender fields will be populated using information from your Rainbow Office account. To update your Sender information, log in to the Rainbow Office online account, then go to Settings > Outbound Calls/Faxes > Fax Settings > Cover Page Info.


The following fields are automatically populated by the application.

Sender fields (From)  Recipient fields (To)

Sender Name

Recipient Name
Sender Company Recipient Company
Sender Address Recipient Street
Sender City Recipient City
Sender State and Zip Code Recipient State/Country and Zip Code
Sender Phone Recipient Phone
Sender Fax Recipient Fax


8. Click Attach file import the custom cover page file.

9. Click the Check mark at the upper-right corner of the app to upload your Custom Cover Page.

10. Your custom fax cover page is automatically selected. To use it as the default cover page, click the Check mark at the upper-right corner of the app to save the settings.


Additional Options


 The Edit button allows you to replace the custom fax cover page. 

   The View button allows you to see a sample of your custom fax cover page.
    The Litter Bin allows you to permanently remove the custom fax cover page.

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