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This article discusses the status of Users on the Rainbow Office Mobile app on iOS and Android devices, when they are away from their desk, in a meeting, or in an active call on the Rainbow Office Phone App. This article also shows how you can share your status.

Presence Status allows Rainbow Office app users to know the extension status of their colleagues. Your Presence state will be set automatically, but can also be changed manually.

Functionality and Meaning of each Presence Status




 • User is currently active in the app and available to communicate via Rainbow Office Mobile app messaging or by phone.

 • If the User manually changes their state to "Available", it will override other Presence states, such as "Busy". This allows the User to appear as online manually and show others they are available and free to communicate.




 Offline: User is not connected to the app or has become inactive (15 mins or more).

 Invisible: User has turned OFF their Presence status manually (same as Offline to other Users). 

 • This feature is to allow Users to “opt-out” of showing their Presence state. 

 • Users can turn this setting OFF by selecting Available or Do Not Disturb.


 Do Not Disturb


 • DND is a manual-only state. User does not want to be disturbed.

 • All app notifications are blocked across mobile, desktop, and email.

 • For Rainbow Office subscribers: DND setting will  automatically send all Rainbow Office calls direct to voicemail.


(On a call or 
In a meeting)


 User is Busy on a Rainbow Office phone call or in a Rainbow Office Meeting.


 • This Presence Status will be available on all endpoints: Rainbow Office Phone app, Rainbow Office Softphone.

 • Busy Presence is ONLY available to Rainbow Office subscribers. 


How to change Presence Status manually

You can manually change your Presence state. Tap on the drop-down option (iOS) menu or the Pencil icon (Android), and then select your preferred Presence options. 

How to Share Status

Tap Share Status if you want to enter a customized status or select from one of the default statuses:

- Out of office

- In a meeting

- Off sick

- Working remotely

- On holiday

- Traveling


On iOS: Tap your Profile picture > Share Status.

On Android: Tap the Hamburger (three vertical lines) icon > Share Status.

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