Rainbow Office Fax Broadcasting Overview

March 15, 2021
Article : 011177

This article contains information and steps for enabling "Fax Broadcasting", which, when enabled, allows you to send a fax message to 51 or more recipients at a time.

Fax Broadcasting is a term used to define sending a single fax message to 51 or more recipients at a time. By default, Rainbow Office lets you send a fax message to up to 50 recipients.

In order to send a fax message to 51 or more recipients at a time, the Fax Broadcasting feature must be enabled on your Rainbow Office account.


How to enable Fax Broadcasting

The Administrator must request to activate the Fax Broadcasting feature by contacting Rainbow Office Support.


Common Scenario

Fax Broadcasting is NOT ENABLED on the account, then the User attempts to send a fax to more than 50 recipients

The User will get an email stating that the faxes are in pending status. A Rainbow Office Representative will contact the User to conduct a one-time verification procedure. Although the email states that the faxes are pending, these faxes will fail and will not be sent. These failed faxes WILL NOT automatically send upon activation of the Fax Broadcasting feature. If the User wants to send the failed faxes after enabling the Fax Broadcasting feature, then the User must manually re-send these faxes.


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