View and Retrieve Recorded Meetings on Rainbow Office Video

March 15, 2021
Article : 011747

This article provides information on how to view and retrieve your recorded meetings in Rainbow Office Video.

1. Log in to Rainbow Office Video.

2. Click the Recordings Tab. Recordings are listed with the most recent ones on top.

3. Click All recordings then select a filter to narrow down your search.

4. Enter keywords in the Search field.

5. Look for the recording in the search results. 

6. Hover on a recording to Play, Download, Delete or Share the recording.

7. Click the recording to view more details. The following information will be displayed: 

Play - lets you watch the video of the recorded meeting.

Volume - use the slider button to adjust the volume levels as necessary. 

Enter full screen - lets you watch the recorded meeting in full-screen mode.

Download recording - lets you download the recording as an MP4 file. Meetings are stored on the Rainbow Office cloud storage for up to one (1) year. If you need to store a recording longer, we suggest you download the recording.

Delete recording - lets you delete the recorded meeting. 

Share recording - lets you share the recorded meeting (if you were the meeting's Host) with another user in the organization.

An email notification containing a link to access the recorded meeting directly is also sent. The notification email will automatically be sent to the registered email address after the meeting recording has been processed. Click Access recording here to view the recording.


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