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This article provides instructions on how to install Rainbow Office for Microsoft Teams integration.

Admin Instructions

An admin needs to grant admin consent for the Rainbow Office app to access Microsoft Teams contacts. There are 2 ways to achieve this.


Admin consent via Azure AD Admin Center

1. Click Azure Active Directory > Enterprise applications.

2. Search and click on “Rainbow Office”.

3. Review and click on the “Grant admin consent for Rainbow Office” button

Note: Azure Active Directory will need a few minutes to apply this change across your org.


Admin consent via Rainbow Office for Teams authorization page

1. Launch the Microsoft Teams application & install the Rainbow Office integration.

2. Launch the Rainbow Office integration & authorize using your Microsoft admin account

3. Review the requested permissions, check the “consent on behalf of your organization” checkbox & and click the Accept button.

Now, all users in your organization should be able to use the latest version of Rainbow Office for Microsoft Teams integration.


User Instructions

1. Install the Rainbow Office app from Teams store.

2. Click the Rainbow Office icon under the compose box to start.

3. Login to the Rainbow Office account and Authorize your Microsoft account when prompted.

Note: Make sure you are authorizing the same Microsoft account as the Teams login account.

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