Switch the Camera Used in Rainbow Office Video

March 15, 2021
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This article contains instructions on how to switch the camera used by the computer in Rainbow Office Video.

You can switch from one camera to another in Rainbow Office Video if you have more than one webcam available or connected to your computer. This is helpful if one has a better image quality, or if you prefer a different camera angle. You can switch the cameras before and during a meeting.

IMPORTANT: Ensure that the necessary drivers are installed before proceeding so that the computer recognizes the camera when it is connected.


Switch Cameras Before a Meeting

1. Click the Settings (gear icon) button on the upper-right corner of your screen, then go to Settings Video

2. Click Video

3. In the Camera section, click the drop-down menu to select which camera to use for your meeting

4. Click Save


Switch Cameras During a Meeting

During a meeting, you have two ways to switch your camera from the in-meeting controls:


Switch via Settings

1. Click More from the in-meeting controls, then click Settings

2. On the Camera section, click the drop-down menu to select which camera to use for your meeting on Rainbow Office Video

3. Click Save


Switch via the Video Pop-up Menu

1. Click the up-arrow on the Video button

2. Select your preferred camera from the list


NOTE: You can also click Video settings instead to choose your preferred camera while seeing a video preview

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