Viewing Participants in Rainbow Office Video Desktop and Web

March 15, 2021
Article : 030837

This article discusses how to view the meeting participants in a Rainbow Office Video session.

During an ongoing Rainbow Office Video meeting, participants may check who else is in the meeting. The main screen in Rainbow Office Video displays 16 participants at a time.

There are several ways to view participants in a meeting: the gallery or film strip view. If there are more than 16 participants in your meeting, you can flip to other pages with the overflow participants that didn’t fit on the first page.


Viewing participants via gallery view

The Gallery view displays all the participants on the screen, then individually highlights the participant speaking. This is the default view upon joining a meeting.

If you want to see all the meeting participants while in a meeting, click the Gallery view four-window icon at top right.


Viewing participants in film strip view

The Film strip view displays the active speaker at the center, then displays the other participants at the top. 

Click the Film strip view icon at the top right to display the meeting participants in this view.


Viewing participants via in-meeting controls

To see the list of participants, click Participants via the bottom menu bar.

In the participants window, you can see the names and total number of participants in the meeting. Note: Only 999 participants can be listed in the participant window.

If there are more devices connected to your meeting than participants, the actual number of participants is provided to the host in the bottom bar and the participant list.

NOTE: Each participant with more than one connected device has the number of their devices shown under their name.


Pinning participants video window

You can pin any participant in a meeting so their video window is constantly displayed on your meeting screen. With the pin participants feature, you can:

● view the pinned participants in filmstrip view (by default). You can tap and switch to gallery view at any time

● remove pinned participants at any time

To pin a participant’s video while in a meeting, hover on their name, then click the Expand arrow on the upper left.

Removing pinned participants

If you would like to remove a pinned participant’s video, click on the Expand arrow on the upper left.


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