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The purpose of this article is to provide an overview of the Rainbow Office app.

About the Rainbow Office app

The Rainbow Office app's intuitive and unified user interface allows you to seamlessly transition between team messages, video meetings, and phone calls without losing track of what you’re working on. Less toggling between communications applications and solutions means your projects move forward, your teams stay connected, and your productivity increases.

The Rainbow Office app is available on three platforms: web, desktop, and mobile (Android and iOS). This availability makes it easy to switch between devices and make or receive calls, check voicemail messages, and connect and collaborate with teams wherever you are, whether that’s at work, home, or on the go.

Rainbow Office app components

This seamless transition between calls, meetings, and chat is made easy via the side menu bar, which you can use to navigate between the following main Rainbow Office app components: Message, Video, Phone, Contacts, Tasks, Events, and Apps.

Let’s review what you can do with each of these main components. 


The Message menu allows you to work and collaborate seamlessly with other people in your company, no matter where you are. The ability to communicate with others either one-on-one or in a team environment lets you streamline your workflow with fewer meetings, quicker decisions, and more productivity.

In the Message menu, you can communicate with anyone, be that someone on your team or someone you need to bring in from outside your company. The Rainbow Office app lets you invite guest users for free in order to collaborate with them on a particular project.

With the Rainbow Office app, you can create teams for specific projects, topics, or departments. In addition, you can share links and files with no size limits, create tasks for yourself or others to complete, and share any important events to keep your team members informed of your activity.


With the Video menu option, you can increase customer engagement and improve team collaboration by using integrated online meetings. Rainbow Office app meetings will broadcast in HD quality to your computer or mobile device.

You can begin, join, or schedule online meetings directly within the Rainbow Office app. When you’re joining a meeting, you can join audio either through your computer or by dialing in using domestic and global numbers. This makes it easy to take meetings wherever you are, be that at home or on the go.

While in a meeting, you can share your screen, record the meeting for later review, and use the chat feature to chat with other meeting attendees.

Finally, you can integrate your Outlook or Google calendar with the Rainbow Office app so you can join and manage your meetings without ever having to leave the app.


You can use the Phone menu option to make or receive calls at any time. Using Cloud PBX with enterprise-grade reliability and quality, Rainbow Office provides advanced calling capabilities globally, with service in over 100 countries. 

With the Rainbow Office app’s reliable and high-quality phone service, you can make and receive calls with your carrier minutes, Wi-Fi, or cellular data without ever dropping a call. Your data is also kept available and secure through Rainbow Office’s highly encrypted and redundant data networks.

Additionally, you can provide a single number for HD VoIP calling, text messages, and online fax. In the Phone menu option, you can perform actions such as making and receiving calls, reviewing missed calls and call recordings, listening to voicemails, sending and receiving faxes, and sending and receiving individual and group text messages. 

Finally, while on a call, you’ll have access to advanced call controls such as Call Flip, Switch, Transfer, and Park.


You can go to the Contacts section to view all contacts or teams added to your company account. The Contacts interface displays a directory of all the contacts you have on your Rainbow Office account and mobile device, then categorizes them by contacts — that is, users in your company — or teams.

This section of the app also lets you view a contact’s profile. While in a contact’s profile page, you can view that contact’s presence and status, as well as send a direct message, start a video meeting, place a phone call, or add the contact to your quick contacts list.

The quick contacts list allows you to send a direct message, start a video meeting, or place a phone call by simply tapping on the contact’s image in the All section of the Contacts interface.

Tasks, Events

The Tasks, Events menu allows you to view all the tasks and events in your conversations in just a single place. With filtering and sorting options, the Tasks, Events interface will make it easier for you to locate a specific task or event even if you don't recall which conversation it was posted.

This section of the app allows you to create tasks and events from one view instead of needing to go into different conversations. You can also update and complete your tasks and update your events across multiple conversations.


Rainbow Office offers out-of-the box integration with best-in-class third-party business applications that enable you to streamline your workflows. With integrations, you can do the following:

• Shorten sales cycles with popular CRM integrations

• Enhance delivery of customer support

• Boost user efficiency with cloud file sharing services

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