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This article provides the instructions for placing outgoing calls in the Rainbow Office web app and Rainbow Office Phone app.

About making a call

You can make a call right within the Rainbow Office app to other users in your organization, and if your extension has a Digital Line, you can also make outgoing calls to external phone numbers. In order to use this feature, your app administrators must first enable phone features at the account level. 

Additionally, for users with Digital Lines, you must also ensure that your emergency address is up to date, otherwise you will be limited to only making calls to other people within your company. 

Starting a call

There are several ways you can make a call in the Rainbow Office app. You can start a call via the following methods:

• Selecting the Dial pad icon at top right.

• Hovering your mouse over the Call History section via the Phone menu and selecting the Start call plus button that appears on the far right.

• Clicking on the Call phone icon anywhere you see it within the app.

For the purpose of this article, let’s discuss how you can place a call via the dial pad. 

Starting a call using the dial pad

One method of making a call is via the dial pad. The dial pad allows you to make calls to other users in the Rainbow Office app or external numbers so long as telephony has been enabled at the company account. 

1. Click the Dial pad icon at top right in the app

2. Leave the default Caller ID or select a new number in the Call from dropdown list

3. Enter a number in the dial pad and dial the number

NOTE: you can also place a call from your recent calls list, which you can access via the Recent calls clock icon. From there, simply select a recent contact from the list to start a call. 

You can also change your outbound Caller ID before starting your call. Click the Call from dropdown menu to select from the list of available Caller IDs. To change the default Caller ID, go to the Settings menu of the Rainbow Office app.

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