Send a Text Message in Bulk in the Rainbow Office App

March 15, 2021
Article : 039886

This article provides the instructions for sending bulk text messages in the Rainbow Office desktop and mobile app.

About sending a bulk text message

You can use the Rainbow Office app to send the same message in bulk, including international numbers. Different from a group message, sending a text message in bulk means sending the same message to multiple people in separate messages. 

Sending a bulk text message

To send a text message in bulk, follow these steps:

1. Click on the New actions plus button at top right

2. Select Send new text from the dropdown menu

3. If you have several Caller IDs assigned to you, click inside the Text from field and select the Caller ID you’d like the text to come from

4. Enter a list of the names or phone numbers of the people you’d like to text in the To field (you can enter up to 100)

5. Uncheck the Create group text box

6. Enter your message in the resulting text field. Attach files and insert emojis using the Attach files and Emoji buttons (respectively)

7. Click the Next button to send the text message to all contacts provided

Once you send out that bulk text message, each individual text message will appear in the Phone menu in the left pane under the Text section.


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