Send Text Message in Rainbow Office App for Desktop or Web

March 15, 2021
Article : 039919

This article provides the instructions for sending and viewing text messages in the Rainbow Office app.

About sending a text message

The Rainbow Office app lets you send text messages to your co-workers or to any external numbers outside your company if you have a direct Rainbow Office number assigned to your extension. You can also view those text messages at any time right within the app by navigating to the Phone menu via the side menu bar.

There are several ways you can send a text message in the Rainbow Office app, including the following:

Send a text message via the New actions plus button at the top right.

Send a text message via the Send new text quick creation button in the Phone menu.

Anywhere you see the Text chat bubble icon.

When you send a text message, you can send it to multiple people either separately or as a group text. For the purpose of this article, we’ll review how you can send a text message to one person using some of the methods mentioned above.

Finally, you will also have the option to attach a file or insert an emoji into a text message. However, if you’d like to attach a file to a text message, please note you can only attach a file from your computer — you cannot share files from other sources enabled at your company account. 

Sending a text message

One way you can send a text message is via the New actions plus button. To send a text message using this method, follow these steps: 

1. Click the New actions plus button located at top right.

2. Select Send new text from the dropdown menu.

3. If you have several Caller IDs assigned to you, click inside the Text from field and select the Caller ID you’d like the text to come from.

4. Enter the name or phone number of the person you’d like to text in the To field.

5. Click the Next button to navigate to text message conversation.

6. Draft a message in the message field at the bottom of the app.

7. Send the text message by pressing Enter or Return on your keyboard.

Viewing text messages

Once you have sent or received a text message, the message will appear under the Text section in the left pane, organized by most recent conversations at the top of the list. 

Text message conversations are displayed similar to messages via the Message menu. Once you select a text message conversation, the entire message thread of that text message will appear in the center pane with a message field at the bottom of the app. 

At the far right, you’ll find the conversation details pane that contains a list of contacts included in a text message conversation.


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