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This article provides information on how to create a notification bubble from a Rainbow Office app chat on your Android device.

A notification bubble is a feature that allows you to access a text message, chat, or team conversation from any screen on your Android device by tapping on the profile photo icon of the person you’re conversing with.

You can:

tap the notification bubble of the person messaging you, allowing you to quickly jump into a conversation without leaving the screen you’re currently in

expand or minimize the notification bubble

close the conversation by dragging down the notification bubble

have up to 5 notification bubbles or chat heads floating on your screen


Creating a notification bubble from a chat

1. Swipe down at the top part of the screen to open the notification window.

2. Tap the downward arrow icon to convert any Rainbow Office message, SMS/text message, or team conversation into a notification bubble. 

3. The conversation bubble will expand and float on top of the screen you’re currently in, where you can type in your response.


Minimizing and expanding the notification bubble

To minimize the notification bubble, tap the profile photo icon of the person you’re chatting with.

To expand the notification bubble, tap the profile photo icon anywhere on the screen you’re on.


Closing the notification bubble

To close the notification bubble, tap and hold the profile photo icon and drag down to the X icon.

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