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This article provides information about the call control support in the Rainbow Office for ServiceNow, SugarCRM, Bullhorn and Netsuite.

The integration app can perform additional call controls from within the Tenfold desktop app and Chrome extension.


The call controls are:

Hold: Places an ongoing call on hold

Hang-up: Hangs up the current call disconnecting from all clients or devices. Users need to save any notes before going back to the call history tab


Blind transfer: Users can search for other users to do a blind transfer the call to that user/department/queue and the call gets disconnected at the current users' screen. Users can add notes before the transfer

Warm transfer: Users to another user/department/queue. They can choose to merge the calls or fully transfer to another user/department/queue. Users can add notes before the transfer

NOTE: This feature is only available if the Phone system and end-user profiles are connected via OAuth. The feature will also only appear on the end-user's Tenfold chrome extension or desktop app only if the features “Advanced Call Controls” are enabled from the Features tab in the Tenfold dashboard.

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