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This article provides steps for placing outgoing calls using the Rainbow Office app on your iOS or Android devices.

NOTE: The "Phone Features" must be enabled by the Administrator for the users to have the ability to place outbound calls using the Rainbow Office app.

1. Launch the Rainbow Office app mobile

2. Tap Phone at the bottom menu, then open the dialer

For iOS devices: tap the Plus (+) button on the upper-right corner, then tap New Call

For Android devices: tap the Dialer icon on the lower-right corner

Users who tap Call for the first time may be prompted to set up an emergency or E911 address to place an outbound call.

3. Enter the contact's phone number or tap the Contacts icon located on the upper right of the dial pad to select a number from your Contacts list

4. Tap the drop-down arrow next to From to change your Outbound Caller ID. Numbers you frequently use are placed on top of the Caller ID list

5. Tap the green Phone button to place the call

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