Ways to Record Calls on Rainbow Office

September 10, 2021
Article : 068863

This article discusses the two methods of recording a call in Rainbow Office.

Rainbow Office users have two options for recording calls: On-Demand Call Recording and Automatic Call Recording.


On-Demand Call Recording

On-Demand Call Recording enables users to record calls at any time by pressing *9 (star 9) on a phone's dial pad, or by pressing the Record button on the Rainbow Office softphone. This feature is available to all Rainbow Office plan subscribers.

IMPORTANT: Automatic call recording needs to be disabled for on-demand call recording to work.


Automatic Call Recording

Automatic Call Recording enables Rainbow Office to automatically record all incoming or outgoing calls. This feature is available to all Rainbow Office Premium and Ultimate subscribers only. Automatic Call Recording is disabled by default and can be enabled by the administrator.


See the following for additional resources:

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