Enable or Disable Account Validation

September 10, 2021
Article : 068880

This article provides information on Rainbow Office Account Validation and how it can be enabled or disabled.

Account Validation is a 2-step account verification feature that requires a user to enter a security code when logging in to the Rainbow Office account for the first time on a new computer or a new browser. The security code is sent to the User's mobile phone via SMS or to their email address, depending on the information stored in the User's account. This feature improves the security of your Rainbow Office account and reduces the risk of fraudulent activity.

How to enable or disable Account Validation

Account Validation is enabled by default. Administrators will not be able to turn off this feature from the Rainbow Office Online account. Contact Rainbow Office Support if you need to disable the feature. 

What happens when Account Validation is enabled or disabled

When Account Validation is enabled, Administrators will not see Account Validation under the Tools section anymore. Thus, will not be able to turn off Account Validation.

When Account Validation is Disabled - Administrators will see Account Validation under the Tools section, with the option to enable it for all users. Once enabled, Account Validation will no longer appear under the Tools section.  All Users will be asked to validate their account the next time they try to access it on another device.

What to do when the User does not receive verification codes

In case a User does not receive the verification codes sent through SMS on their mobile phone or through their email address, the Administrators must contact Rainbow Office Support for further assistance.


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