Rainbow Office Limited Extension Overview

September 10, 2021
Article : 068881

This article provides information about the Limited Extension feature in Rainbow Office.

The Limited Extension is an extension with limited features offered at a lower price. Limited Extension is available for Rainbow Office Standard, Premium, or Ultimate subscriptions.


Key Features

Allows Rainbow Office administrators the flexibility to purchase limited extensions for several common area phones that are not tied to a specific user (conference room, lobby, break room, etc.)

Limited feature set; primarily used for making & receiving calls.

Administrators can control whether or not international calls are allowed.

Phone service with cloud call management/ extension calling

Caller ID Setup

Local DigitalLine phone number/device



No softphone / Rainbow Office Phone supported

No mailbox for voicemails

Intercom and paging are not supported

Disabled by default; contact Rainbow Office Support to enable adding a limited extension to your account

Faxing is not supported

Analytics reporting is not supported

This extension has limited features and is not tied to a specific user


Resend an email invitation to activate the Limited extension

In case the user does not receive an email to activate the Limited Extension, the Administrator can resend a welcome email: 

1. Log in to the Rainbow Office online account

2. On the Quick Access page, go to > Groups > Manage Groups > Limited Extensions

3. Click the More icon (three vertical dots), then click Resend Invitation. If you want to send the action email to a different email address, click the Limited Extension, go to the Limited Extension Details section, update the email address, then click Send Invite


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