Adding Licenses, Devices, and Services to your Account

September 10, 2021
Article : 068882

This article provides info on how to add licenses, devices, and services to your Rainbow Office account.

Administrators can purchase new licenses and devices to add to their company’s Rainbow Office account.

1. Log in to the Rainbow Office online account as an administrator. You need to be an authorized admin user to follow the next steps

2. Go to Billing > Purchase


Purchase items

1. Click on the item you’d like to purchase:

o User licenses

o Additional phone numbers

o Devices

o Usage bundles

2. Select the type of license, device, or service you’d like to purchase

3. For some licenses, devices, or services, you’ll need to select your country

4. Click the add or subtract buttons to add the number of licenses you want to purchase

5. Click Add to Cart

6. Click Continue Shopping to add more items, or click Check Out


Checkout items added to the cart

1. Click the Cart icon

2. Review the items in your shopping cart. You can change the quantity or delete any items. Click Next

3. Assign the cost center for each item, then click Next

4. Some items may need to be assigned to a site. Select the site you want, then click Next

5. Add shipping address, shipping method, and cost center. Click Assign to Selected if required. Then click Next

6. Review your order and ensure that all items are correct. Check the box at the bottom to acknowledge all items are correct, then click Next

7. View your statement, then click Print or Done


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