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This article provides guidance to perform the one-by-one assisted provisioning of ALE deskphones on Rainbow Office.

Requirements before you proceed to set up your phone

Make sure your ALE deskphone is supported by assisted provisioning:

  • ALE 8008 Deskphone Cloud Edition
  • ALE 8008G Deskphone Cloud Edition
  • ALE 8018 Deskphone Cloud Edition
  • ALE 8058s Premium Deskphone Cloud Edition

You need to add a DigitalLine before you can configure your phone via assisted provisioning.

IMPORTANT: If you purchased your device from a different provider, make sure that the phone is unlocked before you proceed. If your phone is still locked with your previous provider, you may get an error or may not register. Please contact your previous provider's support to have the phone unlocked.

MANDATORY: Prior to entering the MAC address within Service Web, make sure your Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise partner does the following:

  • Has the phone been used with Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise PBX? If yes, the phone firmware must first be switched to SIP mode or upgraded to the SIP compliant firmware used by the Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise phones for cloud-based UCaaS solutions.
  • Next, ensure that your partner has entered the MAC address of the phone within the EDS (Easy Deployment Server) to be used with the Rainbow Office solution. If it is not the case, please contact your partner or Rainbow Office Support. The MAC address can be found by turning the phone over and finding 'MAC@'. MAC addresses are the 12 characters that follow within the range 0 (zero) to 'F'..

Assisted provisioning:

Please follow the instructions below to perform the assisted provisioning of your ALE deskphone:

  1. From the Admin Portal, select Phone system tab
  2. Select Phones & devices
  3. Select Users phones
  4. Search and click on the desired device
  5. Click Change Phone to open the Change Phone modal window
  6. Select Phone not purchased from Rainbow Office and click Next
  7. Select the Emergency address and click Next
  8. Select the ALE Deskphone model and click Next
  9. Enter the MAC address* of the deskphone set on Rainbow Office. The MAC address must be entered within EDS before (see mention above).
  10. Cick Next
  11. Click Done
  12. Reboot your ALE Deskphone

*The MAC address of the deskphone is indicated on the sticker located below the deskphone.


MAC Address

MAC address:

Now the phone needs to be associated with the Rainbow Office UCaaS service.

If the MAC address was not successfully entered into the EDS, the phone needs to be reset and manually connected to the UCaaS service.


To perform the factory reset, select the settings icon, select ADMIN and enter the admin password. (Note that the phone must already be in SIP mode for the use of this password) If the password is not accepted, you will need to contact your local Admin since it seems that the default password has been changed.

In Admin Mode, go to settings and scroll to factory reset. Initiate the factory reset.

After the phone resets, select the settings icon, select ADMIN and enter the admin password as described above. Go to settings and scroll to Auto Provisioning and access the Provisioning Server URL. Enter https://ale.ringcentral.com/provisioning/alcatel/ale.

If desired, the Provisioning Server URL can be entered through a web browser. To do that, find the IP address by selecting Settings, scroll to Network and read the IP address. Enter the URL: [[https://[IP|https://[ip/] address] in the browser and respond with the user/password of Admin. Go to Settings > Auto Provision to access the Provision Server URL settings page and enter https://ale.ringcentral.com/provisioning/alcatel/ale and save.

NOTE: the Provisioning Server URL will need to be re-entered if a factory reset is done in the future.

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