Configure Speaker Settings in Rainbow Office Softphone

July 04, 2022
Article : 075849

This article provides information on how to configure the microphone and speaker in the Rainbow Office Softphone.

When you connect a headset or speaker to your computer, you need to ensure it is set as the audio source in the Rainbow Office Phone Softphone for inbound and outbound audio to work.

Ensure that the computer’s microphone or headset drivers are successfully installed. The Rainbow Office Softphone will not detect any audio device if not installed correctly. Refer to the device user manual for assistance if needed.

  1. Log in to the Rainbow Office Softphone.

  2. Click the gear (Settings) icon on the bottom pane.

  3. Click Notifications and sounds from the left menu.

  4. In the Microphone section, click the dropdown menu and select the appropriate device. You can also set the speaker device to be used outbound audio.

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