The Rainbow communication platform delivers enterprise collaboration tools, advanced telephony, and engaging room solutions for enhanced business interactions.

The Alcatel-Lucent Rainbow platform offers enterprises a flexible cloud-based communication platform that connects people, objects, and processes to enhance productivity. Through its broad set of enterprise collaboration tools, Rainbow successfully facilitates enhanced interactions between internal and external stakeholders while integrating into existing business processes.

A flexible cloud-based communication platform!

Rainbow provides enterprise grade communication services such as:

• Online presence indication

• Active directory

• Voice and video conferencing

• Messaging

• Document and file sharing, and

• Informative channels.

These services are available in two forms, UCaaS and CPaaS:

  • UCaaS subscriptions enable users to benefit from Rainbow services through standard phone, PC and mobile clients
  • CPaaS lets you leverage Rainbow’s APIs for further integration and customization of interactions involving people, objects, and business processes.


Rainbow UCaaS and CPaaS - two elements of the same versatile solution.

Rainbow UCaaS helps you become better connected

Your organization, business partners, and customers are better connected due to Rainbow’s extensive collaboration and communication features. 

Invite other Rainbow users and guests to easily join collaboration groups (Bubbles) and seamlessly call, message, share files, or host audio/video conferences.

All Rainbow UCaaS services are available from an easy to use, inclusive Rainbow application available for desktops or mobiles.

Augment existing processes with Rainbow CPaaS

Rainbow connects people, objects and processes by adding context to important communications:

  • Connect your customers with AI-powered bots for improved engagement and enhanced customer service.
  • Leverage Rainbow’s IoT capabilities to improve safety procedures by guaranteeing that all relevant stakeholders are notified in crisis situations.


There are numerous other examples of how Rainbow CPaaS helps solve operational issues.

Flexible deployment model

Rainbow services are deployable in either a hybrid or full cloud model:

  • With hybrid deployments, Rainbow services are added on top of your existing on-premises PBX equipment.
  • In full-cloud deployments, all Rainbow services are provided directly from the cloud with no additional hardware required.


This flexibility enables customers to smoothly migrate to the cloud at their own pace.

Discover the on-premise private cloud with Rainbow Edge

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