Rainbow’s small business phone system offers companies an easy-to-use voice, text, file share, and video conferencing solution for all devices.

Simplify your communications with a comprehensive small business phone system that is versatile and easy to use. Alcatel-Lucent Rainbow is a cloud-based phone system that supports audio and video calls, text chat, video conferencing, and file sharing, to make communication fast and more effective. Team members can easily collaborate and provide customers with personalized service and faster answers.

Benefit from a versatile, mobile-friendly phone system

  • Connect with customers quickly, easily, and from anywhere.
  • Use your smartphone, computer, or phone to communicate.
  • Empower your team to work with customers, using the all-in-one app, offering telephony, group chat, screen share, and video.

Simplify meetings with video conferencing

  • Spend valuable time with your customers and suppliers by inviting them to join video meetings, share files securely, and send instant messages.
  • Have your team use video meetings for faster decisions from wherever they are.

Welcome customers with a smile

  • Empower your customer service staff by enabling them to leverage the same Rainbow functionalities directly from within any business application. No extra application required.
  • Team members instantly receive customer information on all incoming calls, so they can offer more personalized service.
  • Team members chat and collaborate with colleagues in real-time, directly from within the CRM desktop. Improve first call resolution.

Save with a reliable solution you can trust

  • Save 30% or more on communication-related overhead.
  • Leverage your internet and Wi-Fi infrastructure for long-distance calls and conferences.
  • Satisfy data safety concerns: Rainbow is ISO27001 certified, the international standard for cloud security.

Offer and subscriptions: Choose simplicity and save!

Rainbow is available on monthly or yearly subscriptions. Add or remove subscriptions to match your business needs.



Best value



Rainbow offers
for small business (1)

Rainbow Essential

Rainbow Enterprise

Rainbow Connect



Peer 2 Peer

Work from anywhere.
Schedule meetings

Customer service agent

Meeting room equipment

Phone line (2)

Office phone

Smartphone, PC, MAC, web, office phone

Same as Enterprise

Meeting room

Host chat groups

20 participants

300 participants

Same as Enterprise

Same as Enterprise

Share file

1 GB storage

20 GB storage

Same as Enterprise

Same as Enterprise

Host video meetings


120 participants 
12 video streams

Same as Enterprise

Same as Enterprise

Communicate from within your favorite CRM desktop



Screen pop Click-to-call Collaboration


(1) Want more options? Learn more about our Rainbow offer details  from the Rainbow Solution Sheet

(2) Requires an on-premises Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise phone system connected to Rainbow cloud or a cloud service from Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise partners with the Rainbow Voice System option

What our customers are saying:
Over 20 million small business employees rely on Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise communication solutions daily for connecting with their customers and coworkers.
Blickle and Scherer Customer Image

Blickle and Scherer

Blickle and Scherer needed a cloud-based solution that would support collaboration while maintaining strict safety and data protection standards.

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Nexon stays ahead of the competition with an innovative cloud based business model.

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Discover how PayTren can now connect its users more efficiently with Alcatel-Lucent Rainbow™ Communication Platform as a Service.

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Quonex selected Rainbow as the unique communication tool for their employees, regardless of which device they use.

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