Rainbow cloud video conferencing makes meetings simple. Connect with internal and external contacts using secure video, messaging, screen and file sharing.

Offer more quality time to your customers and business partners and efficiently grow your business. Rainbow video conferences are easy to use: contacts just need a mobile or a web browser. Video makes on-line meetings smooth, and screensharing helps get things done more efficiently. Read on to learn more about features and use of video conferencing for small business.

Simplify meetings with guests:

  • Invite customers and suppliers by email
  • External contacts join with two clicks from either their mobile or web browser
  • No account is required for guests
  • No firewall adaptation is required

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Make online meetings natural with video, file and screen sharing

  • HD audio and video quality
  • See who has joined, who is talking, and display several video streams all at once
  • Share your screen, or send large files with two easy clicks
  • Access or host meetings on your mobile or through the web.
  • Hosting meetings in person? Use our Rainbow Room video equipment when the team meets on-site.

Save on long distance calls and conferencing service fees

  • Rainbow video conferences work through the internet, saving you money on long-distance calls
  • Guests join using their web browser for a low cost, high quality international call
  • Rainbow offers video conference features in addition to chat groups and phone system features. Eliminate your subscription fee and exit your legacy conferencing service.

Cloud video conference features

  • Simplify meetings with guests: online video conferencing lets you join in one click from a smartphone or web browser
  • Make on-line meetings natural with video, file and screen sharing. Invite up to 50 participants per conference and enjoy quality time with them wherever they are.
  • Got suppliers or customers overseas? Rainbow’s global presence offers excellent meeting quality, whatever the distance.
  • Save on long-distance calls and conferencing services. Rainbow uses state-the-art WebRTC for secure communications that leverage your existing internet capabilities.


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