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Digital Age Communication Solutions

Digital Age Networking Solutions

Digital Age Networking Digital age technologies take businesses into the new digital era with a network foundation that delivers the services needed to grow your business. Autonomous Network Reduce IT workloads, improve user experiences and ensure mission-critical operations with an auto-provisioning, configuration, and recovery network. Business Innovation Increase productivity and revenues by leveraging new technologies to automate business processes Data Centre Solutions Meet the demands of bandwidth-hungry applications with cost-effective data centre solutions. Distributed Wi-Fi Control Distributed intelligence Wi-Fi architecture provides a highly available, scalable, and easy to manage wireless network. Hybrid POL Hybrid POL supports large premises with a mix of Passive Optical LAN and Ethernet LAN with better network performance and security. Intelligent Fabric Build intelligence into your network fabric to get flexibility, business agility, and a network that’s ready for anything. IoT Create a safe, efficient, connected environment from digital business operations enabled with the Internet of Things (IoT). Mission Critical Networks Mission critical networks provide organizations an optimized, resilient, reliable, highly secure and scalable infrastructure. Optical Networking Solutions Increase high capacity data transport with secure optical networking solutions that enable high-bandwidth applications and multi-media devices. Network as a Service With NaaS, you can get the latest network technologies and solutions with maximum agility, scalability and flexibility. SD-WAN & SASE An end-to-end WAN solution that simplifies and secures connectivity at every branch office Security The Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise approach to security ensures that digital interactions are effective and compliant with industry standard regulations. Shortest Path Bridging (SPB) SPB provides MPLS-like VPN services and is significantly simpler to deploy and maintain, and offers a lower TCO Unified Access Unified Access allows wired and wireless technologies to work together, as a single, robust network Video Surveillance Network The ALE video surveillance network solution takes the complexity out of network setup for a streamlined deployment process. Wi-Fi Solutions Quickly, simply, and securely provide mobile and IoT connectivity. Now and into the future.

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