Del 04/10/2017

Social care provider Diakonissen Speyer-Mannheim is using Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise technology to ensure a smooth transformation to full IP-based communications.

Social care provider Diakonissen Speyer-Mannheim is using Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise technology to ensure a smooth transformation to full IP-based communications. ALE, operating under the Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise brand, is delivering new SIP technology which  has been installed alongside the existing ISDN communications technology currently in use, ready for the scheduled public All-IP switchover.

The migration path was complex, so a detailed migration strategy was developed and managed by a ‘Competence Team’ that worked closely together with service provider COM plan + service GmbH. The objective was to ensure all Diakonissen Speyer-Mannheim health, social and education facilities are fully equipped for Deutsche Telekom’s planned All-IP switchover with no disruptive impact on its patients, staff or guests. The joint project team is now well-placed to scale up the existing communications solution to support the upcoming demand from new buildings and facilities currently under construction.

Diakonissen Speyer-Mannheim has used Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise telephony solutions since 2006, in a long-standing relationship with COM plan + service. The Alcatel-Lucent OmniPCX® Enterprise Communication Server meets the communications demands of users spread across a twelve-hectare campus in Speyer. Internally, IP telephony is already available on campus via the fixed network, Voice over IP, and WLAN, with 25 switches and 430 access points installed across the site.

Daniel Prangenberg, Account Manager, COM plan + service GmbH
“In close partnership and cooperation with the ‘Telecommunications and IT Interfaces Competence Team’ at Diakonissen Speyer-Mannheim, we started years ago to migrate the complex and sensitive communication infrastructure to modern IP communication and have comfortably completed the necessary and important preparations ahead of the planned All-IP switchover. For an organization like Diakonissen Speyer-Mannheim, where smooth communications can contribute to saving human lives, professional, structured preparation and highly available technology are indispensable.”

Dirk Grafe, Sales Manager, ALE Deutschland GmbH
“The quick and disruption-free preparation of Diakonissen Speyer-Mannheim for All-IP communications demonstrates the flexibility and expertise of our Business Partners, who are fully trained and certified to prepare businesses for All-IP transformation via our portfolio of communications solutions. By deploying the Alcatel-Lucent OmniPCX Enterprise, Diakonissen Speyer-Mannheim has opted for a platform capable of supporting ISDN, hybrid and IP communications for a truly friction-free switchover.”

Together with COM plan + service and ALE, we have finished all the preparations for a smooth migration to All-IP. Our project has developed very positively over the last years, and the cooperation between COM plan + service, ALE and ourselves is excellent today. Now we are waiting for Deutsche Telekom's announcement that our connection is being switched to IP. Then, all we have to do is flip the switch.

Olaf Hübner, Competence Team, Diakonissen Speyer-Mannheim

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