Läkarhuset Odenplan found it advantageous to work with a unique supplier for their end-to-end solution, from purchase to support.

  • País: Suecia
  • Sector: Sanidad
  • Solución: Telefonía de empresa

Läkarhuset Odenplan is located in Stockholm and is the largest private healthcare facility in Sweden. The 14-floor center is home to about 20 clinics and medical practices (family medicine, pediatrics, dermatology, gynecology, physiotherapy, etc.), including a medical lab and x-ray facilities. 250 people work in the clinics and manage the 250,000 patient visits each year.

The property owner screened the market and found that only Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise could offer the right solution for them. Läkarhuset Odenplan liked that the OpenTouch Notification Service made use of fixed telephones, DECT-telephones and smartphones to alert each floor and clinic effectively. 
As well as being cost effective, the solution met all of Läkarhuset Odenplan’s needs and was simple to configure.
The solution integrated seamlessly with the healthcare center’s existing Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise telephony solution and fire alarm system, avoiding the need for re-cabling. 

Las mejoras han sido considerables especialmente para nuestros huéspedes. El personal utilizando el nuevo sistema está viendo una diferencia notable con la velocidad de conexión y empresas que visitan el hotel disfrutan de la calidad del sistema de video-conferencia.

José María Churruca, gerente del Hotel Palacio de Iván Tarín.


  • Läkarhuset Odenplan’s existing fire alarm solution only sounded on the ground floor of the building, failing to alert all of the clinics on the remaining 13 floors and creating confusion for clinics and patients.
  •  Läkarhuset Odenplan wanted a simple and cost effective solution that would notify all clinics and offices to ensure that proper fire safety procedures be followed.

Productos & Soluciones


  • OpenTouch Notification Service
  • OmniPCX Enterprise Communication Server




  • In case of a fire alarm, notifications are made through text messages and via spoken messages on loudspeakers on desktop terminals and handsets.
  • The OpenTouch Notification Service alerts fixed telephones, DECT telephones and smartphones (via the SmartApp on the GSM network), indicating on which floor the alarm was triggered and enabling clinics to follow appropriate fire safety procedures.
  • The Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise Professional Services team delivered helpful and accurate implementation support.
  • The solution can be expanded to integrate the local alarm systems from each of the clinics, an option currently being investigated by Läkarhuset Odenplan.


  • All telephony and notification services are covered under one contract.
  • The native integration of the notification service with the OmniPCX Enterprise Communication Server means no costly re-cabling is required.


  • The real-time availability of information ensures greater safety for all staff and patients in the building.
  • Notifications on smartphone devices offers greater flexibility for users who wish to stay informed while remaining mobile.
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