Innovation at ALE is about connecting talent. Our goal is to cultivate an environment where creativity and serendipity thrive throughout the company and beyond.

The ALE Brewery – Innovation Center is the ALE internal incubator that supports and fosters intrapreneurship and open innovation. The ALE Brewery grows projects through: Inspiration, Ideation, Incubation and Industrialization.

Disruptive business innovation can emerge from anywhere both inside and outside of the company. It is fueled by a strong innovation community made up of inspired ALE employees, students, partners and clients. To participate contact

ALE Brewery Introduction

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Blog section
blog-pageheader-1200x299 ALE employees take the ringtone challenge

Internal crowdsourcingcombines business knowledge and talentto develop meaningful, versatile and creative ringtones for ALE super-wideband business phones.

blog-pageheader-1200x299 Boxing ideas: A tool to promote collective intelligence

Involve stakeholders to transform ideas into innovative solutions

blog-pageheader-1200x299 Students foresee the future of communications

Students foresee the future of communications – and it’s not yet another tool!

blog-pageheader-1200x299-healthcare3 Creating the Future of Healthcare Together: 2017 Hacking Health Camp

You could see, hear and feel the energy from the moment you walked into the room at the 4th Hacking Health Camp, sponsored this year by ALE.

Open Innovation is making enterprise borders more porous. ALE has developed a number of initiatives to encourage the bi-directional flow of business innovation both inside of our own ecosystems as well as outside.
OpenDays connects clients, partners and engineers during a one day demo showcase

Openday Colombes Experience - 2018

ALE OpenDays are worldwide events held at all of the main ALE locations with a goal to bridging the gap between users and engineers. OpenDays provide a forum to unveil new ALE products and services. They also provide an opportunity for visitors to participate and interact with ALE personnel. We encourage the participant’s to share their insights and vision as we work together with our customers to create the products of the future. This is a rare opportunity for R&D teams to present their latest prototype, and a ‘not-to-be-missed’ chance to get early feedback from real users.
Hackathons: A birthplace for great ideas to feed today’s innovation engine!

ALE regularly organizes hackathons around the world. These events help us:

  • Spend time with our clients and partners to better understand their hospitality, transportation, healthcare, education, and finance needs
  • Grow our communities and initiate meaningful collaborations
  • Learn from end-users to improve services provided by Alcatel-Lucent Rainbow, and OmniAccess Stellar LBS.
ALE Hackathon
Bringing talent together to imagine the world of tomorrow
ALE believes that disruptive ideas come from combining talent. ALE encourages employees to participate to hackathon events, to nurture the ideation funnel and to help bring together technology and business know-how. ALE has participated in the Hacking Health program since 2016 and is a key partner of the Hacking Health Camp hackathon in Strasbourg, France. The experience gained through participation in these events is unique and provides ALE with the insight, knowledge and expertise to be at the forefront, helping to create the future of healthcare.

Hacking Health Camp 2017 video

Description Open Innovation program with universities:

  • University Partnership Program (UPP): Building partnerships to develop innovative technology.
  • To imagine the world of tomorrow, we must take a step away from our daily perspectives. The ALE UPP takes an innovative approach to partnering by provide today’s students with the tools to imagine, develop and test the products and services that will impact tomorrow’s societies.
Aprenda sobre la UPP
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