Rainbow Office Call Queue Overview

septiembre 10, 2021
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This article provides information on the Call Queue feature in the Rainbow Office online account.

Call Queues are groups of Users or Extensions that receive queue calls to be answered by the next available member of the group. A Queue overflow can be enabled to extend your call queue.



How Call Queues work

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Supports up to 25 calls waiting

Increases the efficiency of your company by directing calls to the right employees

Can be managed by up to 15 managers. See Create a Rainbow Office Call Queue for more information.



Missed Call and After Work, statuses are displayed as Available rather than Unavailable on the Rainbow Office online account

When using a custom rule, Hold Music changes are applied to normal business hours settings

When using a custom rule, changes to the list of members or Users (such as adding and deleting Users) are applied to normal business hours settings


How Call queues work 

The table below summarizes how Call Queues work in the following situations.

  Scenario Behavior
Sequential distribution Member listed earlier in a ring sequence becomes available while a call is ringing a member listed later in the ring sequence Call rings available member listed earlier in sequence
Simultaneous distribution Member call handling ring time is shorter than call queue "ring each member for" ring time Member call handling rules are repeated until the call is answered or maximum wait time expires
Member has one physical phone and rejects a call Member is marked unavailable for 5 seconds
Member becomes available while a call is ringing other members Member is joined to the current call ringing group
Wait Settings After call wrap-up time Member is unavailable to receive calls from all queues until wrap-up timer expires
Number of callers allowed to queue Calls being distributed to members (e.g. ringing calls are not counted)


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