EWE Group adopted cloud-based telephony to ease communications and make savings.

  • Pays: Allemagne
  • Secteur d'activité: Énergie et services publics
  • Solution: Téléphonie d'entreprise, Communications cloud, Communications unifiées

EWE Group is a German energy, telecommunications, and information technology group.

The virtualized telephone equipment offers us the highest degree of flexibility and full cost control at the same time.

Ludwig Kohnen, Managing Director, EWE Group


  • The EWE Group wanted a solution to the technical difficulties and phone outages caused by its aging and complex network infrastructure. It was also looking to generate important cost savings.
  • The 250 Private Branch Exchanges (PBX) in service, few of which were IP based, came from different vendors and presented interoperability problems. Finding staff with the know-how to manage the many systems had become expensive and difficult.
  • As an energy company, EWE needed to support its teams in remote locations. It was critical that the solution offers high availability, ensure business continuity, and connect to analog radio stations.

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