Rainbow Office Quality of Service (QoS) Tabs Overview

juillet 31, 2021
Article: 068269

This article provides information on the Quality of Service (QoS) reports for the account and Rainbow Office Video Meetings.

Rainbow Office Quality of Service gives you the ability to anticipate and diagnose call quality issues impacting your users globally before they escalate to critical problems as well as troubleshoot problems reported by your users in near real-time.

On the Analytics Portal > Quality of Service, 4 tabs are present:




MOS Performance 




The Overview tab enables the IT Administrator to:

Monitor overall account level quality proactively - provides % of good, moderate, poor quality across all audio streams that were part of all the meetings held within the account in the selected timeframe.

Monitor audio stream quality on top Geo locations.

Monitor patterns of audio quality for top ISPs and Endpoints. 

Understand the impact of meeting stream volume on quality.

Filter quality information with different dimensions.

Select from Calendar presets (Today, Yesterday, Last 2 Days, Last 7 Days, Last 12 Hours, Last Hour, Custom Range).

Switch between Video or Phone products on the same page to view Calls and Meetings Quality Overview.

Shows the quality of audio streams in Rainbow Office Video Meetings, as well as date range, ISP, and endpoint filters.


NOTE: It is currently not possible to drill down from Overview to Meetings.



The Extensions tab features QoS analysis by user name or extension. The page is accessed by selecting the Extensions page tab. It displays the aggregate data for an individual user, allowing for a much deeper analysis of the call quality by leveraging user-specific graphs and trends.



The Calls tab lets you view call quality data at a per call level so that you can identify specific quality issues. It includes a full list of call records based on your selected filters. Each record contains basic information about the call, its quality, and the record’s Call Card. 


Call Card

Call details are split by each party in the call represented by showing the information/packet flow from Client to Rainbow Office and Rainbow Office to Client. This allows the Admin to isolate what part of the call contributes to quality issues. 


MOS Performance

The Mean Opinion Score (MOS) Performance dashboard provides an overview of call quality levels based on the minimum and target MOS thresholds for the previous month. To deliver superior call quality, we expect a minimum average monthly MOS score of 3.5 or more for Rainbow Office core services.



The Meetings tab enables the IT Administrators to:

Reactively troubleshoot when their employees report issues with their meetings.

List down a record of all meetings held within the selected timeframe.

Filter by various dimensions to be able to narrow down the list of records.

Search a meeting by ID, topic, or name of the user and quickly get to the meeting of interest.

Expand a meeting record and access all the information needed to troubleshoot a meeting in one click.

Select from Calendar presets (Today, Yesterday, Last 2 Days, Last 7 Days, Last 12 Hours, Last Hour, Custom Range).


When you drill down a meeting, the following will be displayed:

Meeting metadata at the top to identify the meeting

User session table on the left with a list of every user session that was part of the meeting, endpoint the session was initiated, and quality indication on the streams 

Session details view with comprehensive data on media signal behavior throughout the meeting with problematic values highlighted

Meeting session details from the following endpoints display the following information:

Rainbow Office app desktop: includes private IP address, and memory/CPU utilization

Web endpoint: shows the camera/microphone/speaker used by the meeting participant, which helps when troubleshooting audio problems

Real-time Room data displays a quick snapshot of the CPU and Memory Utilization which is helpful when troubleshooting performance issues. If the CPU/Memory app utilization is very high and corresponds to poor meeting quality, it means that:

the Host may be outdated and needs to be replaced

there may be other processes running during the meeting that need to be terminated

Details of the user’s device and network environments during the meeting

Ability to view data summarized in “Table View” or dynamic changes throughout the meeting plotted on a timeline graph in “Timeline View”

Ability to expand out the meeting card to full screen and compare with another session data

Copy raw data behind the table for reference or other uses


A meeting record's Timeline View presents the following:

Dynamic media signals plotted on a timeline graph with a timeline view

Visual indication of when signals were crossing normal values (orange) and when they were in a problematic region

Changes in Private IP, Router IP, and channel are shown in the Events timeline for the mobile endpoint

Timeline session reports make it easy to determine if the host needs to be updated or processes need to be turned off by reviewing the CPU and memory utilisation


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